Stryper Singer – Unlike Slayer, We Practice What We Preach

Over the years, Michael Sweet has firmly maintained his belief that Stryper is not a Christian band, but rather a band made up of Christians. However, he claims that they have stuck with their identity and unlike groups like Slayer, they practice what they preach.

“I have recently, over the past few years, said several times, and it has really caused a stir, that we are not a Christian group. And people say, “What? But we’re Christians in a rock band. And there is a difference, ”Sweet said during an episode of Chris Jericho. Speak is Jericho Podcast.

“We weren’t raised in church; we were raised on the streets of LA playing Gazzarri’s, Troubadour, Whiskey, and we became Christians. And we kept doing what we always have. done, but with a different message, ”he said. continued. “We’re really not a Christian band. But if people want to call us a Christian band, that’s okay. But I think of us as just a rock band that decided to take a different path.”

The frontman then compared the essence of Stryper to that of Slayer in order to show that his band is truly living the lifestyle they talk about in their songs. Members read the Bible, believe what it says, and attend church.

“So in doing this, so to speak, we are practicing what we preach. We are not perfect – in any sense of the word, we are not perfect – but we are really doing our best to represent Christ, to represent God. and all of that represents God, ”Sweet explained.

“But it’s funny when you hear about Slayer, and you think about the satanic group, the pentagram, the evil, then Tom [Araya] goes to church every Sunday with her children. Who is great. But what I mean is that it’s the opposite of what they think of. Stryper, on the other hand, you get what you get. We are who we are on and off stage. “

Listen to the full episode below.

Stryper is going on tour later this year. The 11-date American race will take place throughout May and begin in Derry, NH. See the full itinerary here.

Stryper’s Michael Sweet – Unlike Slayer, We Practice What We Preach

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