Sunanda Sharma becomes the first Punjabi singer in the world to launch a song as NFT

NFT, or non-fungible, tokens stole the show in the crypto world. Whether it’s photos, videos, or assets, they can take any form.

These NFTs and crypto rely on blockchain transactions to prove their authenticity and record ownership. It was recently incorporated into Uniswap to allow users to easily trade via NFTs.

For those unaware, Uniswap is a cryptocurrency exchange that uses a decentralized network protocol to facilitate automated transactions between crypto tokens on Ethereum.

While NFT dominates several industries, it also has the potential to define the present and future of the music industry.

In fact, things are already looking promising in the Indian music industry. This can be justified by the fact that Sunanda Sharma became the first Punjabi singer in the world to release her song under the name NFT. Let’s learn more about it:

FanTiger launches Sunanda Sharma’s 9-9 Mashukan

Recently, FanTiger (India’s first music-dedicated NFT marketplace) launched its first music featuring famous singer Sunanda Sharma. It is believed that she released her new song “9-9 Mashukan” under the name NFT.

Sunanda Sharma is a Punjabi singer, model and actress who rose to fame for the song “Patake “. While initially debuting with the song “Billi Akh”, the singer went on to deliver many iconic hits. She made her singing debut in Bollywood with the song “Tere Naal Nachna”.

Sharma also made his acting debut in the film Sajjan Singh Rangroot, starring Diljit Dosanjh and Yograj Singh in the lead.

Moving on to her NFT launch, the 30-year-old singer considers NFT a game-changing technology. She believes NFTs can “create a powerful impact on the Indian music industry”. Additionally, she wants to use NFTs to interact with her fans.

Speaking of FanTiger, the market aims to improve the music value chain through the fan community. It is attracting the interest of 1,50,000 people who are eagerly awaiting the first-ever musical NFT on the platform.

It’s not just the people who are excited, but also the artists themselves. Sunanda had opened the waiting list for her new release so that fans could purchase her NFT music.

It’s a sigh of relief for anyone concerned about security protocols, because FanTiger’s music NFTs are absolutely safe to buy! It is also free from any type of plagiarism whatsoever.

Through NFTs, fans can purchase partial ownership of the song. They can also purchase Community Access, Royalty Revenue Access, and Signed Merchandise (Limited Edition). Additionally, fans can also have the golden opportunity to personally interact with the artists themselves!

Sunanda’s NFT music will also be something new for Bollywood. The industry is already trying VFX with the movie Brahmastra, which has struck Rs 225 crore in 3 days. So, it’s exciting to see the NFT stepping in!

CEO of FanTiger on NFT, Metaverse and more!

Speaking about their collaboration, FanTiger CEO and Co-Founder Prashan Agarwal discusses how Sunanda Sharma brings fan music around the world closer to NFTs. He also welcomed the signer to the FanTiger family and mentioned NFT’s potential to “build engagement and relationships globally.”

Agarwal also talked about Indian music and the Metaverse. He mentioned it’s time for the industry to conquer the metaverse and how FanTiger is working to help Indian artists use the “power of their communities to create outsized results for the entire musical fraternity” .

To tell more about them, FanTiger previously raised $5.5 million in funds led by Multicoin Capital. With these funds, the company aims to strengthen its product and technology. They also aim to grow their team and expand industry partnerships in the time to come.

For now, the launch of Sunanda Sharma’s NFT music is a big milestone for the singer and FanTiger. There is still a lot to do for NFT and the music industry in the times to come. It will surely be interesting for all.

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