The alma mater of Indonesian singer Niki

Indonesian singer Niki (born Nicole Zefanya) is no stranger to her native music scene as well as the international music arena. According to reports, the 23-year-old was an international student at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee.

There are many interesting facts about Lipscomb University, but for those who may not know Niki, here is a brief introduction to the singer.

Since signing with 88rising, Niki has released two Extended Play (EP) albums. Her single “Every Summertime” topped the charts in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

At 15, she was chosen to open for Taylor Swift’s “The Red Tour” concert. a feat that few teenagers or young singers can boast of. Niki is also among the first Indonesians to perform at the famous annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California.

So, why did Niki choose to continue her studies abroad especially at Lipscomb University study music? Let’s explore five interesting facts about his alma mater.

5 Interesting Facts About Lipscomb College That Inspired Niki’s Music Career

Nashville’s music scene makes it the perfect platform for any aspiring singer to get their start. Credit: Frederic J. Brown/AFP

Its location in Nashville, also known as “Music City USA”

The location of Lipscomb University in Nashville – also known as “Music City USA” – makes it a haven for budding musicians looking to make it big.

The capital of continental musical culture earned its nickname due to its famous fiddle tunes and dance in the 18th century. with Davy Crocket being the first celebrity in Nashville, having played fiddle music with all types of colorful stories.

Many successful singers have come or passed through Nashville. This includes Dolly Parton, who reportedly came to Nashville to start her music career.

Taylor Swift also reportedly moved to Hendersonville, Tennessee as a teenager so that “she could spending more of his time courting country labels in nearby Nashville.”

This is good news for students enrolled at Lipscomb University (whether domestic or international) as the city is home to a diverse music and entertainment scene.

His music school holds an annual songwriting competition for high school students

Lipscomb University School of Music holds an annual songwriting competition to recognize the best and brightest young talent at secondary school level.

Those brave enough to show off their songwriting skills to a panel of highly acclaimed judges could potentially win a small studio package, including a Focusrite Clarett+ audio interface, Presonus I/O station and Sennheiser wide-range microphone. diaphragm.

Those selected as songwriting competition finalists receive personalized and professional feedback from published commercial songwriters at Lipscomb University School of Music.

Fun fact: Niki herself is a composer.

He has an outstanding men’s basketball team

If you are a sports fan, another of the many interesting facts about Lipscomb University is that it maintains an exceptionally talented basketball team called the “Lipscomb Bisons”.

His impressive victories began in 1986 when the Lipscomb Bisons won the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) national championship. The team has competed in the National Invitational Tournament (NIT) twice, in 2006 and 2010. They won their first Atlantic Sun Men’s Basketball Tournament title in 2018.

The Lipscomb Bisons are also home to the two all-time leading scorers in college basketball: John Pierce and Philip Hutcheson.

Lipscomb University educates inmates

Another interesting fact about Lipscomb University is that it offers faith-based education at two prisons in Tennessee.

In the United States, only 35% of state prisons offer a college education – and only 6% of the prison population takes college-level courses. Its website notes that LIFE is one of a growing number of higher education programs in prisons in the United States.

Since 2007, Lipscomb has celebrated 30 inmate graduations and expects another 14 to graduate in 2022.

Lipscomb University’s LIGHT program encourages cross-cultural communication

The Lipscomb LIGHT program offers a globally focused curriculum and experiential opportunities for its students.

It helps students to be open-minded and receptive to cultural practices, systems and institutional structures that are different from their own.

Students have the option of taking two foundational and required courses, and they will have the option of taking additional LIGHT courses developed in their major or minor program or participating in a designated LIGHT event.

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