The Derry singer dives into his favorite songs in BBC Takeover

Derry singer-songwriter SOAK has joined the BBC Takeover Mix team and given audiences a taste of his favorite tracks.

Speaking on the Takeover Mix, SOAK described the tracks as “the music I really like right now. I guess I listen to most music when I’m driving, so it’s motor music, let’s call it that.

They said, “It covers a whole spectrum of sound, there’s a lot to cry to, a lot to dance to, maybe do both at the same time.”

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The Takeover Mix is ​​an eclectic mix of relaxing and high energy songs and is sure to broaden the horizons of many listeners.

Speaking between tracks, SOAK said, “I’ve compiled this playlist with songs I’ve found fairly recently, I guess I’m constantly on the lookout for new music and will always take recommendations. from anyone because I want everything.

“There’s a song on this playlist called ‘Pristine’, by Snail Mail, which I’m surprised I don’t hate yet because my girlfriend and I got the album and listened to it probably 20 times in a row and this detail song that she kept repeating.

“So I know all about this song, but surprisingly I still love it.”

SOAK includes the Irish group Pillow Queens in its playlist, which accompanies SOAK during its next tour.

They said: “It’s so nice to see an Irish band surrounded by religion that I’m sure I’ll release a song about gay girls.”

SOAK has been a pioneer in the music scene since he wrote “Sea Creatures” when he was 14 years old. Soak released his second album “Grim Town” in 2019 on Rough Trade.

They performed worldwide with the album, including making their US television debut on the Seth Myers show.

They had recently been chosen to represent Northern Ireland at Independent Venue Week.

In this they said: “It is a huge privilege to be part of something that has been so important in my life and which highlights the incredible role that independent venues play in the cultural, creative and social capital of North Ireland.”

During Independent Venue Week, SOAK returned to where it all began and played an intimate gig at Bennigan’s Bar, Derry.

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