The famous Ethiopian singer Dawit Nega known for the song Tigrigna has died

Late Dawit Nega (Photo: SM)


Dawit Nega, an influential and popular singer from Tigrigna, is believed to have died in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital.

Local sources say he was hospitalized in Addis Ababa.

Notable for his Tigrigna songs, especially “Zebedero”, “Wozameye” and “Bayley” – songs that have achieved millions of hits on social media, Dawit Nega is also credited among his fans as a singer who managed to internationalize Tigrigna ethnic music.

Outside Ethiopia, Dawit Nega has worked with Coke Studio – which helped internationalize the song Tigrigna – also popular in Ethiopia.

His death came as a shock to his fans who are expressing their grief and condolences on social media.

Naty Yifru said “…the incredible Dawit Nega, who passed away after a long illness…” He wrote on his Twitter page:

“One of the VERY FEW musicians to internationalize the #Tigrigna sound, in partnership with @cokestudio, the incredible Dawit Nega, has passed away after a long illness that left him bedridden for a year. Rest in peace, Dawit 👇 her Coke Studio, profile, Tigrigna mix & her song with @Mo_Farah”

Queen Hela wrote

“Heartbreaking news, we have lost our broth. Musician #DawitNega RIP”

Many other Ethiopians are expressing their grief on social media.

As of this writing, the funeral arrangement has yet to be disclosed.


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