The singer lived in fear for years after being shot near her home

A singer had to move back in with her parents after she was shot in a random incident seconds from her London flat. Natalie Gray moved to the capital for her music career but was fired by a stranger during a “gang initiation”.

Natalie said the “terrifying” thing was the culprit attempting suicide as part of the gang’s ritual, BerkshireLive reports. She said: “The end goal was to kill me, which was a really hard pill to swallow that someone could do that for no reason.”

“Police informed me it was gang initiation and it was just a really bad time, I was the first person he saw when he pulled out the gun and it was literally 10 seconds from my flat in London I think that was the most terrifying thing because if he had tried to mug me or rob me I would know there was a reason.

“Whereas with this the end goal was to kill me, which was a really hard pill to swallow that someone could do this for no reason.” The incident left Natalie with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Combined with memories of an abusive relationship she had been in young, Natalie created a podcast with her best friend, Farah, where they address the issue of violence against women.

The singer struggled to come out after the shooting incident that took place seven years ago and without that close friendship she would have just locked herself away. She had returned to her home in Reading and “sort of broke down”.

Having previously been in an abusive relationship, old fears and emotions also resurfaced. She said: “All the old emotions of fear of men kind of came out and I was diagnosed with PTSD following the gun attack.

“I’ve been in therapy ever since. Being in therapy kind of brought up everything I ever felt. Being seen as a weak woman or being seen as not good enough.

“The weirdest thing was during Covid I had never felt safer because I was locked in my house I was in a bubble and didn’t have to go out. When the lockdown was up, I had a really bad relapse of PTSD and had to go back to therapy for a bit just to be able to run into someone on the street.”

Following the tragic murder of Sarah Everard, Natalie and Farah felt compelled to speak out about gender-based violence and created a podcast for those who have been in abusive relationships.

Following the success of the podcast, Natalie and Farah will launch a UK-wide tour called Take Back the Beat which will take place this summer. The duo will raise money for Women’s Aid through music and will visit Manchester, London and Brighton.

  • The free national domestic abuse helpline is on 0808 2000 247

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