The singer reveals her grief over having a miscarriage during the podcast “Le journal d’un PDG”

Jessie J has spoken candidly about her miscarriage for the first time since making the announcement in November 2021.

Jessie J opens up about her miscarriage for the first time / Photo Credit: Stills Press / Alamy

The Price Tag singer bravely shared her experience during an interview with Dragon’s Den investor Steven Bartlett on his “The Diary of a CEO” podcast.

The 34-year-old was open and honest when speaking with Steven, admitting she had “never felt so alone” after hearing the tragic news.

The singer gave insight into her traumatic ordeal and recalled the day she knew “something was not right”.

She revealed that she listened to her instincts and sought professional advice to check on the baby’s health. Initially, the first scan she had; she was told that the baby still had a heartbeat, although it was very weak.

However, the British singer still felt uneasy and the same day she visited another doctor who told her that the baby had lost heartbeat.

“I had two scans in the same day and in between was when the baby died,” she recalls.

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Jessie went on to say that she had no one to turn to and on her way home from the ultrasounds she “knelt to her knees and had never felt so alone”.

During the podcast, she explained that afterwards, while talking with her mother, she felt that she “shouldn’t do this.” [pregnancy] only.’

“It was the saddest thing, but at the same time I knew the reason it happened was because I wasn’t supposed to do it alone…I know I’m supposed to find someone one who wants it as much as I do.”

We send our best wishes to Jessie.

If you have been affected or suffered a miscarriage you can seek advice by calling 01924 200799 or visiting

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