The world’s only anonymous singer-songwriter, Peter Lake,

NEW CITY, NY, April 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The creation of SBS (Like a Lullaby) comes from the combination of two songs with two different melodies, once the original song is ready, Lake rips the script and comes to write a hip-hop song with the same tempo and key, records his new idea and mixes the two different melodies, resulting in a house/dance song. He’s doing this one sitting in his new favorite studio, Quad, in New York City.

After a short conversation with video game producers, Lake decided to embrace the desire to write a song that would preserve the melodies we had come to expect, while creating a track inspired by gamers and classic House music. In the studio, Lake decides to “destroy and rebuild” a slow melodic ballad that has been mastered and prepared for release. Lake used this pre-existing track as a base in terms of melody and harmony. He then wrote a new track, recorded it, and layered the two songs.

As a result, he made a single that “could be bad or good”. The rest is a story to tell. As usual, Peter just releases music for anyone interested without regard to traditional marketing and advertising. Its main goal is to create music that mixes genres and distribute it. But his main goal is: to be “the greatest singer-songwriter in history…but in the process, to remain invisible.”

Peter Lake is a Canadian-born, New York-based singer-songwriter who relishes anonymity. At a time when privacy is scarce, Peter believes his ability to create music is protected by his anonymity and by working with unconventional partners in an attempt to avoid the constraints of traditional record deals, which often consider recorded music as a means of promoting visits. Peter is the first of his kind: an artist who will only do live gigs through a web platform, freeing him up to focus exclusively on writing and recording new original music that crosses all genres. In doing so, Peter has amassed one of the largest catalogs of singer-songwriters in the industry. His musical influences include Neil Young, Max Martin, David Bowie, Motown and Drake. It’s no surprise that his songs are difficult to situate, often flying between (and combining) house beats, crisp guitar riffs and “traditional chants and natural sounds”. From what we learned in our conversations with the artist, humility does not come naturally. On the other hand, it’s hard to consider his opinions arrogant, given the intense sincerity with which he describes his plans. Asked about his goal, he replied as follows: “My goal is to wake up every day and make music, and one day, through this process, write and perform what will later be considered the greatest song of history, a song that will define humanity for centuries.”

We wish you luck in your quest, Peter Lake!


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PS: For all major media inquiries and interview requests, Mr. Lake asks you to look in the mirror and repeat these words, “I love you.

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