Timmins singer nominated for Capital Music Award

Céleste Lévis is nominated for a Capital Music Award for her single, Ça Passera, a song in French meant to offer a sense of comfort and support during the strain of the pandemic. The awards are centered around the Ottawa music community, where the Timmins-born singer and songwriter lives and works.

In the running for single of the year, this isn’t Lévis’ first brush with the awards, having won virtual performance of the year in 2021 from a record four nominations.

“It would be a fun streak to start with, that’s for sure,” Levis said of his winning streak in successive years.

While the award itself will ultimately be decided by a recently concluded popular vote, entries were first nominated through a jury evaluation process. Lévis is delighted with the recognition granted to the French-speaking single.

“I especially know that as a French-speaking artist, I think it’s important that we are represented. For me, it was incredible. We always say ‘it’s an honor just to be nominated’, but it goes through a jury and everything. I know there are a lot of artists here who have the listens to Spotify, the millions of streams and everything. On the French side, you can also have this success, but it’s much more thanks on radio, promotion and shows. It’s good that they don’t have “I don’t just rely on a song falling on a playlist. It’s nice to see that they’ve seen the whole picture of what this song has become over the year,” she said.

Lévis hopes that the recognition she obtains can encourage other budding musicians in the Francophone communities of Northern Ontario.

“I started in high school in Timmins, making music. And my biggest inspiration was other French-speaking musicians who were there, who were present for workshops, for different festivals that we had at school. And I of course aspire to be one of those artists like that one day,” she said.

Lévis has already made efforts to encourage this sense of identity, recently doing a virtual consultation with the high school musicians of Touz en Flammes for their own concert. She returned to Timmins for her own performance in December 2021, singing alongside the Timmins Symphony Orchestra.

“I still have my grandparents there, my two brothers came back. You see familiar faces everywhere you go, and I think that’s what I miss the most but also what makes me happy the most when I come home,” Lévis said of the sense of community that he has. stayed.

This spirit and the strength of personal connection is something she has worked to instill in Ça Passera.

“When I’m writing songs, I’ve always started from a more personal place. I try not to go into too much detail so people can create their own connection to what I’m saying. some times and some things i’ve been through every day with people i love who have always been there for me, or stories i’ve heard about things they’re going through, just to say that will go,” Lévis said.

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