Travel Tuesday: JA Vocalist Shaneil Muir Loves SVG, Tortola and More

In a recent meeting with Loop entertainment, rising dancehall singer Shaneil Muir listed some of her favorite things. Travel things!

It got us thinking. What is there to learn about some of these islands visited by Muir?

Well, for starters, Muir informed us that she’s racked up miles of travel, especially since she started touring to promote new music and perform for her fans.

In descending order from least to most preferred, Loop lists singer Top Gal’s top three places to visit. Surprisingly, its list is mostly made up of Caribbean islands.

Muir’s favorites in descending order:

3 Canada

About half of Canada’s landmass is covered in forest. There are approximately 180 species of trees in Canada. Wood is one of the country’s main exports. Canada is the third most forested country in the world.

2 Tortola, British Virgin Islands

The name comes from the Spanish tortola (“dove”), which offers visitors picturesque bays surrounded by white sandy beaches.

1 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Unlike Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has its own version of the metropolitan state with Kingstown. The city is nicknamed the “City of Arches” because its buildings have around 400 arches.

Watch the video and share some of your favorite travel stops, locally or internationally.

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