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The KK singer died of cardiac arrest on May 31. The musician was in Kolkata during the incident and he had traveled to the capital of Bengal to perform at Nazrul Mancha. Followed by his untimely demise were videos circulating of the singer complaining of chest pain during the performance. From suspecting foul play to bashing the event organizers for a bad venue and poor infrastructure, the 53-year-old singer’s sad demise has raised many questions. The organizers of the event BlackEyed Event House responded to them.

Video of KK singer being rushed to hospital is fake, claims Event Management Company

After KK’s demise, many musicians claimed that concert conditions were generally not up to par, and that overcrowding and lack of infrastructure often led to suffocation and health problems for singers. Speaking of which, BlackEyed Event House said in a statement, “ACs were running and working at full capacity. Nazrul Mancha has a specific seating capacity, but few extra people are forced into the auditorium. It is very obvious that the auditorium having AC installed for a specific capacity of people cannot function properly when the crowd exceeds the capacity. Also, speaking of the venue selection, “the venue was chosen by the college authorities and we have nothing to do with the venue selection or the management of the venue infrastructure,” the company added.

They also answered questions from netizens about overcrowding. “There was a forced entry into the auditorium. From the outer door to the auditorium door were bouncers and police forces as well as the student union who did their best to actively manage the crowd. But the crowd was beyond their expectations and the crowd threw rocks at the volunteers to gain entry. The police did their best to manage the crowd wisely,” they said.

The company also clarified that the KK singer was never coerced into performing or asked to perform by force. They maintained in the statement that “it was not forced to happen. Also, there was no communication from KK Sir or his band members that they wanted to stop the performance. KK sir gave his best until the end and we, his manager and everyone associated with this show supported him in every way we could in our capacity.

On the other hand, there were allegations that despite his heart problems, no action was taken immediately. Responding to these accusations, they added, “KK Sir showed no symptoms of illness and performed vigorously until the very end. After each rigorous show, we see the artists tired and escorted as soon as possible. The videos that circulating on social media that KK sir was kicked out due to chest pains are absolutely false and not even from the May 31st show.

“KK Sir returned to the hotel and also took selfies with fans, before falling ill. His manager also confirmed the same,” the company claimed in a recently released statement.

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