Wang Leehom scandal explained as singer apologizes to ex-wife Lee Jinglei over Weibo controversy

Taiwanese-American singer Wang Leehom has apologized to his ex-wife Lee Jinglei over the controversy surrounding their divorce. The couple had a heated exchange on Weibo after Leehom announced their official split from Jinglei.

In response, Jinglei accused Leehom of infidelity and exposed his alleged wrongdoing during their marriage. Although the musician initially refuted these claims, he recently apologized to his ex-wife, their children and his parents for his actions:

“Here, I solemnly apologize to my parents, Jinglei, and the children. After getting divorced, arguing about the past makes no sense. From now on, I will be careful with my words and my deeds. I will assume the responsibilities of a father, a son and a public figure. I will financially support Jinglei and the children as much as possible.

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Wang Leehom also pledged to help Lee Jinglei raise their children together and mentioned that he would give her ownership of the house she lives in. He also agreed to support his children financially and took responsibility for the divorce.

“Jinglei, we still have to take care of and raise three children together. I will transfer the house you live in to your name. I will also participate in the whole process of raising the children and will bear the expenses. I will take full responsibility for the mishandling of the incident (divorce). Once again, I apologize to everyone.”

The singer shared that he has decided to take responsibility for the situation “as a man” and will no longer provide “explanations and defenses” about the divorce.

Wang Leehom also decided to temporarily suspend work to help parents and children “repair the damage” caused by the scandal.

A look at the Wang Leehom x Lee Jinglei divorce controversy

Wang Leehom and Lee Jinglei have officially filed for divorce (Image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Wang Leehom and Lee Jinglei have officially filed for divorce (Image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

On December 15, 2021, Wang Leehom announced on Weibo that he had filed for divorce from his wife Lee Jinglei after eight years of marriage. On December 17, the latter posted a long document on the platform to highlight the troubles in her marriage and accused Leehom of several wrongdoings.

She claimed that the musician had been unfaithful in marriage and repeatedly cheated on her with several women:

“You admitted you had a problem, that you can’t control yourself. I asked for a breakup and you called me on the phone for several weeks, promising me that you would never do it again. You said that from now on, I am your ‘one and only’.”

Lee Jinglei also mentioned that she was only 16 when she first met Wang Leehom, who was 26 at the time.

“Because you are an idol with such a positive image, I had no doubts about you. We were together and we slept together. But the next morning you told me that you didn’t want to be a couple. “

The 35-year-old also said she was forced to sign a prenup before marrying Wang Leehom and claimed he became an “absentee” father to their three children:

“I understand if you want to protect the assets you have before marriage. But the assets you have after marriage are the fruits of both our labors. It’s the result of both of us doing the work we’re supposed to. Still, the house is in your name. The car is in your mother’s name. All assets have been cleanly cut from me, as if you were so deeply afraid that I might “take advantage” of you.

Jinglei further mentioned that she gave up her own dreams and aspirations to raise their children. She also said she decided to stay in the marriage despite the differences but was forced to divorce the musician:

“You asked for a divorce. You said that if you meet a woman you love, you don’t want her to be considered a mistress. When I refused, you used all means and means to verbally intimidate me, humiliate me and spread rumors about me to our friends and relatives.”

Following the accusations, several brands have decided to suspend their association with Wang Leehom. Companies like Infiniti and Chow Tai Seng announced they would no longer work with the musician, and the hashtag “Multiple Brands Terminate Wang Leehom Contract” started trending on Weibo.

Lee Jinglei and Wang Leehom (Image via VCG/Getty Images)
Lee Jinglei and Wang Leehom (Image via VCG/Getty Images)

In response to the allegations, the “King of Chinese Pop” denied all wrongdoing in another lengthy Weibo post and mentioned that Jinglei’s claims were “false”:

“I am in a dilemma. If I retaliate against untruths, it will not be good for the mother of my 3 children. But if I don’t answer, everyone will believe that these events are true.

The singer-actor said he met Jinglei at a concert in 2003, but didn’t start dating until 10 years later, when she was 26:

“Me and Nishimura (her name when I met her) met at my concert in 2003 but after that we didn’t keep in touch for more than 10 years. Today, I even found emails from our first exchange, where she called me “stranger”, and I said to her “it’s been an eternity since I’ve seen you”. At that time, she was already 26 years old.

Wang Leehom mentioned that he was forced to marry Lee Jinglei after she became pregnant and alleged that he lived in “fear of threats and extortion” during their five years of marriage:

“Our marriage began on November 27, 2013 and lasted until our separation on August 5, 2019. Over the course of 5 years and 8 months, I lived in fear, extortion and threats. Shortly after we were together, she got pregnant. I was both shocked and happy because I wanted children, but at that point we hadn’t reached the stage of discussing marriage.

He further admitted that the marriage was ‘full of problems’ and shared that the couple started counseling in March 2014. He said the couple had seen five marriage counselors but had not had a married life happy.

The New York native said he started discussing the divorce with Jinglei in December 2020. Wang Leehom claimed his ex-wife made several demands during the process and threatened to destroy her career:

“During the process, she told a mediator that if Leehom didn’t agree to her demands, she would destroy her career. But the main point is that it’s not true what Lee Jinglei says she doesn’t want a Initially, she wanted about 42.8 million Singapore dollars (200 million yuan) Eventually, she signed a deal for 32.1 million Singapore dollars (150 million yuan), including half of their property in Los Angeles, half of their investment shares and a monthly alimony of 45,000 Singapore dollars (210,000 yuan).

the little fat soldier The star also spoke about Lee Jinglei’s additional demands:

“The provision of a nanny, driver, car, domestic help and free use of their home in Taipei for 18 years, etc. These were donated in l hoped that Jinglei would lead a comfortable life, but she always felt like it was too little.”

Wang Leehom also mentioned that he regretted not meeting Lee Jinglei’s “qualified husband standards” and asked him to let him see their three children. Meanwhile, the father of the former also intervened in the situation and wrote a handwritten letter defending his son.

In the letter, Wang Leehom’s father denied the allegations regarding his son’s affairs and claimed that his former daughter-in-law threatened Leehom with marriage after becoming pregnant with their first child, when Wang was 37 years old and Lee 27 years old. He also expressed regret for approving the marriage.

Following the claims, Lee Jinglei again called Wang Leehom and mentioned that he was lying to protect his public image:

“I remember you telling me that you thought the best way to do public relations was to try to destroy another person’s reputation and mislead the public into changing their minds. guidance. Nice try.”

She mentioned that the singer has stayed in touch with her since they first met and the duo have been on several dates, parties and events together. She also mentioned that Wang Leehom only insisted on visiting psychologists who were on her side.

Jinglei also pointed out that one of the five counselors admitted that she was a victim in the marriage and not the other way around:

“(The psychologist) also thinks that you (Wang Leehom) have a sex addiction and a narcissistic personality… Of the five (counselors) you mentioned, only two have been consulted. The others have only been judged.

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Leehom’s ex-wife also claimed that he tried to change the narrative of the situation by portraying himself as the victim. Meanwhile, several fans and critics also sided with Jinglei and started questioning the singer.

This led Wang Leehom to issue a public apology to his ex-wife and children. It now remains to be seen if Jinglei will respond to the apology in the days to come.

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