What is Melanie Blatt net worth? The singer earns her money through DJ and TV work

All Saints’ Melanie Blatt has been busy for the past two years so far. As well as taking her usual DJ spot at the iconic Mighty Hoopla earlier this summer and touring with her 2021s girl group (including a spot at the Isle of Wight festival last year), the singer and TV presenter has also signed up for the current BBC season Famous chef. She will appear in the series alongside Paul Chuckle, Danny Jones of McFly, the island of loveis Faye Winter, and Come dance strictly pro Katya Jones. As we watch the “Pure Shores” singer flex her culinary prowess, here’s a look at how the pop entertainer makes her money.

3 ways Melanie Blatt makes her money

all saints

It’s unclear exactly how much money Blatt made from his time in the band. According to publicly available records for Saints Productions LTD (the now disbanded company that Blatt ran with bandmates Shaznay Lewis and Natalie and Nicole Appleton) each band member’s share was worth £1 each. The same year, the band released their second album Saints and sinners in 2000, financial records show £148,825 in net assets.

After disbanding in 2001, All Saints reunited in 2006, signing to Parlophone in a multi-million pound deal – but they were later dropped out after their album Studio 1 failed to impact the chart, for NME.

In a 2007 interview with Digital Spy amid the short-lived reunion, Blatt insisted that despite millions of records being sold, “We’re not as rich as people think. We all had to split royalties and writing credits, and we haven’t sold as many records as the Spice Girls, so I’m downsizing,” she added, referring to the sale of her £1.2million London home.

In 2013, the group ended up reforming for the second time, releasing the top ten album Red flagand supporting the likes of Backstreet Boys and Take That, and then spent 2021 hitting the festival circuit for an undisclosed amount.

solo music

After All Saints’ original split, Blatt was the first member to break into a solo artist – collaborating with Artful Dodger on his UK garage track “TwentyFourSeven”. Although the artist planned to release a solo record, the plans never materialized. These days, meanwhile, you’ll find her regularly DJing at Pride events across the UK and music festivals like Mighty Hupla.


Since leaving All Saints, Blatt has also embarked on a busy television career, hosting numerous episodes of music shows. The shared office with his former bandmate Nicole Appleton. Her too join the jury of The X Factor New Zealand between 2013 and 2015. While it’s unclear exactly how much she was paid for these appearances, her track record surely helped pave the way for a contestant spot on Famous chef.

What is Melanie Blatt net worth?

£8.2 million

Although Blatt has not publicly disclosed her income from her time in television and the music industry, Celebrity Net Worth estimates the singer’s net worth to be around £8.2million ( or $10 million) through music, theater, real estate investments, and television work.

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