Who is Debbie Osmond? All About Donny Osmond’s Wife As A Singer Reveals How She Helped Him Overcome Crippling Anxiety

Singer Donny Osmond, 64, told PEOPLE how his wife Debbie Osmond was his biggest source of support as he battled crippling anxiety, career slumps and near bankruptcy for years.

Speaking of his wife of 44 years, Osmond said:

“Debbie has given stability to my life. She keeps me grounded.”

Beginning his career at the age of five, Osmond quickly became a teen idol with screaming fans rushing after him wherever he went. However, Osmond, who always felt lonely, found solace in Debbie.

In 1979, shortly after his engagement to Debbie was announced, Osmond faced a career setback as the infatuation with him vanished in the blink of an eye. Meanwhile, the Osmond family nearly lost their fortune to bad investments.

Osmond recalled one of the instances when Debbie led him down the right path as he struggled with anxiety during his stage performances as Joseph in Joseph and the Incredible Technicolor Dream Coat:

“I went on stage knowing I was going to die. It was horrible. [One night] Debbie said, “Why don’t you go over there tonight and have a Medium To display?’ It ended up being the best show I’ve ever done because I gave myself the opportunity to make a mistake.”

Later, Osmond played Joseph in two thousand shows over a period of six years. Osmond, who has now opened up about mental health issues in hopes of helping others, noted:

“So many people fall into the trap of despair and depression. I’ve been there, and you can’t get rid of it. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

All about Donny Osmond’s wife and their relationship

Debbie Osmond, 62, was born Debra Glen Lee. Debbie, who starred in the 1979 film Firappeared on shows like Martha, Rachael Rayand Dancing with the stars (not as a competitor). Debbie is now focusing on her home improvement projects, cooking and interior decorating. She currently owns a furniture line called Donny Osmond Home and Coaster Fine Furniture with her husband.

The couple have known each other since they were teenagers. Osmond first met his wife when he was 17 and she was 15. At the time, Debbie, a school cheerleader, was dating Jay, one of the Osmond brothers. It took Osmond three years to convince Debbie to marry him, and the couple married in May 1978. Osmond later said his father did not approve of the relationship, fearing it would destroy his career.

The Osmond family (Image via Instagram/madirogers)
The Osmond family (Image via Instagram/madirogers)

The couple went on to have five sons together over the span of 20 years – Donald Clark Osmond Jr. (b. 1979), Jeremy James Osmond (b. 1981), Brandon Michael Osmond (b. 1985), Christopher Glenn Osmond (b. in 1990) and Joshua Davis Osmond (born in 1998).

Osmond and his wife are now the proud grandparents of 12 children, and the Osmonds are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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