Who is Lewis Capaldi dating? The hilarious singer often jokes about his love life on Twitter

Breaking Ed Sheeran’s record for the UK’s most streamed song of all time with his 2018 hit ‘Someone You Loved’ in November 2022, Lewis Capaldi is going from strength to strength. The Scottish singer is known (and loved) for his brilliant sense of humor and, more recently, his open-mindedness when discussing how Tourette Syndrome affects him personally. But what about his personal life? Since his famous encounter the island of love star Paige Turley, who else has Capaldi been romantically linked with and who is he seeing now?

Well, until recently, Capaldi was an avowed bachelor, often poking fun at his relationship status on Twitter. Hilariously, he also revealed that he turned to Hinge after being kicked out of both Tinder and Bumble because people thought he was impersonating himself. Asked what kind of woman he was looking for, Capaldi quipped, “I would say good sense of humor, low standards, not too concerned about the size of certain things, a small woman with small hands.”

It’s unclear at this time if Capaldi is exclusively dating anyone at the moment, but the top-selling singer was spotted walking arm-in-arm with actor and model Ellie MacDowall in the early hours. November 11 after a night out at a posh restaurant in London. Chiltern Fire Station. According The sun’s reports, the pair left the venue separately around 4:30 a.m. but later reconnected to head to a nearby hotel. Bustle has reached out to representatives for Capaldi for comment, but has yet to receive a response.

In May 2020, the singer and comedy hero was rumored to be dating a student named Catherine Halliday. Around the same time he told Capital Radio he was officially off the market, he said: ‘I never told anyone I was in a relationship so there you go… She has red hair , she’s got a whole classy voice,” he said, before adding, “and that’s it, that’s all you get.” Halliday happens to be a red-haired student and Capaldi followed her on Instagram. However, the pair now appear to have gone their separate ways, with Capaldi telling Diary of a CEOs Steven Bartlett on single life this year, and hinting at a recent ex-girlfriend he met on a dating app.

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When asked what drew him to apps in the first place, Capaldi had a succinct answer at hand: “I love hanging out with new people and . . . sh*gging and that, I guess,” the artist told Bartlett. On a more serious note, he added, “I don’t want to use my notoriety, or have it have any influence on anyone I’m dating. What, I’m not supposed to “Dating only famous people? It’s a really weird thing. I admit being on Tinder is a little weird, but I met my last girlfriend on Tinder and she’s awesome.”

In addition to his rather hilarious commentary on single life on Twitter, Capaldi has also joked with radio hosts in the past. In fact, Capital FM’s Roman Kemp took it upon himself to once set up three “blind dates” with fans of the show. You can watch the dates unfold during this video on Capital FM, where Capaldi shined a light on a fan named Laurel, who he told he was going to have dinner and dinner at his local Nandos. Sounds pretty decent if you ask me.

In addition to Tinder, Capaldi was also apparently on the dating app Raya, sources tell The sun. Raya is a referral-only app, which means someone must have suggested and invited it.

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