Who is singer and metaverse influencer Polar and how did she get so many followers?

The metaverse has welcomed virtual singer and influencer Polar with open arms — and she’s already become an internet sensation.

For those unaware, the Metaverse is an immersive virtual world accessible through VR headsets. It offers multi-sensory experiences like shopping, real estate investing, gaming and live concerts.

Created by media company TheSoul Publishing, Polar is an avatar that recently headlined a festival in the metaverse. She features accentuated Bratz doll-style eyes, long turquoise locks, and a mask covering the lower half of her face.

The new cyber-celebrity has since become a talking point on social media, with her ambitions to perform in a live setting.

Inspired by ABBA, Polar’s career took off when her debut single “Close To You” was featured in the video game “Avakin Life.” She has since gained an impressive 1.6 million followers on TikTok and over 600,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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Polar – Close to you (Official Video)www.youtube.com

At the game’s annual Solar Sounds festival, which drew more than 4 million attendees last year, Polar fans got to interact with the star.

Responding to a question submitted by Reuters, Polar said, “I want to play a live show in a real venue in front of my real-world fans. It might not be as far as people think”.

Victor Potrel, VP of Platform Partnerships at TheSoul Publishing, told the outlet, “ABBA is doing a series of concerts where they’re a hologram on stage, and we think that’s a possible type – bring also Polar in the real world in this way,”

“So we are definitely looking at the design possibilities and potential.”

There was a mixed response to the new star of the Metaverse, with an overwhelming comparison to Miku Hatsune. The social media backlash accused the Metaverse of failing to create anything original, with one saying “Calling [Polar] a Walmart Hatsune Miku would be a compliment.”

The World is Mine – Live HD – Hatsune Mikuwww.youtube.com

Miku Hatsune, which means “The First Sound of the Future”, is a singing voice synthesizer developed by Crypton Future Media.

The 16-year-old anthropomorphism with long turquoise pigtails has featured in more than 100,000 songs released worldwide. She even performed at sold-out 3D concerts around the world with performances in LA, Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo.

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